Real Estates Services

Do you want to buy or sell your real estate? Turn to me and my team

Sellling a house or flat?

Since our first meeting until the last one you can rely on a professional service which aims to one simple thing - to sell your property in the shortest time for the reasonable price. 

We will take care of complete professional service of sale of your property - evaluation, marketing, sale, visits, legal aspects and handover. If you are looking for new property at the same time, we can provide you with full property sales service including providing of best funding options.

We work only as solely property manager with exclusive contract.

What we offer:
  • professional photos
  • video presentation
  • walk-through presentation
  • 3D visualisations & design
  • intelligent ads
  • effective planing of visits
  • home stagging
  • complete legal advisory
  • financial services

We do service for developers projects, industrial objects and recreation properties

How we do it

1. Professional video presentation and/or 3D walk-through

We do prepare video presentation and/or 3D walk-through video for each property in exclusive sale so the potential buyers can go through it before seeing it. It helps to sell your property faster and in effective way.

Above you can see the work of my team-mate Marko Kurčina

Professional services


I am working under licence of Broker Consulting, a.s. what offers professional services like for example intelligent ads promotion.

Once we fine-tune your property ad, it'll automatically sync with all ad portals.

Looking for a dream home?

Leave your search on us. We will together discuss your dream house, set the priorities and plan, and all the rest is our responsibility in order to find you the best premise in the shortest time for the reasonable price according to your budget.

We will take care of complete professional service of buying the property from searching, visits organizing, legal preps up to handover. If you are about to sell your old propoerty too, we can simultaneously take care of it, including finding the best option of funding. 

What we offer:
  • setting demand into our search systems
  • active searching of right premise
  • 1st contact with sellers and filter off
  • organizing of visits
  • "live stream" showcase
  • tailored made 3D visualisations
  • complete legal service
  • funding providement
3 basic success factors when selling a property

We do it differently

We provide our clients with entry of large database of demands and offers which can automatically match criteria and suggest us possible sale realisation. We have also clients with pre-approved mortgage and so they are ready to buy now.

Thanks to exclusive deal with you, we can take full care of your property and as we do Real Estates and Finance TOGETHER, the whole process can be very smooth and under control.

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