Finance and Insurance services

Our specialisation is funding of real estates, assets and life insurance and investments

Looking for funding of your property?

Since the first contact with me, you can rely on professional service which aims to provide you with the best funding of property, life&family insurance or asset insurance and with the choosing of right investment option for you to secure your future. 

We will take care of complete professional service of funding and insurance. Furthermore, if you are looking for new property, we will take care of the buying process aligned to your needs including financial advisory.

What we offer:
  • mortgage and loan
  • life insurance
  • assets insurance
  • investments
Profesional services


I am working under licence Broker Consulting, a.s. what offers profesional service like for example Mortgage Calculator. You can save time by using it and finding the best option for you considering all the slovak banks providing mortgages. 

Danka Barteková's message for Broker Consulting

Do you want to secure your children for the future?

There is never too late to start securing your kids for the future. Get the best option to insure your kids or start effectively to save and create a investment tailored made for you and your family. 

We do take care of complete profesional service of providing the life insurance or bank saving for your kids which secure them for the future. 

What we offer:
  • life insurance for family and kids
  • savings & investments
Profesional services

Financial planning

Together, we will take a look at your monthly budget, which after common analyses transform into smart financial planning. We advise you optimalisation of your insurance, right choice of financial tools or some tips how to save and prepare for the future.

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Asset insurance

Buy your car or asset insurance comfortably online on our pages. Our online tool will secure the best offer and you can save your time and money comfortably and safely at home.

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