Come to be my client

Achieve the life goals with your private consultant

More than a client

It will be my pleasure to launch long-term professional and personal relations with my clients which aims to deep understanding of goals and needs, helping prepare tailor-made financial and real estate solutions.

Since very beginning we can have common overview on your finance and properties, talk about its role in your life and discuss the ways I can help you with it.

Offer to my clients:
  • analyses of real estate needs
  • financial plan help
  • professional financial and real estate services
  • personal mentoring
  • confidentiality
  • career and online advisory

Always nearby

We can meet personally in Trnava and Bratislava or nearby, and digitally by phone or online call anywhere. 
We can collaborate remotely in nearly any area of advisory. We can do Live stream of property for you instead of personal visits, 3D visualisation instead of own creativity or Zoom call instead of personal meeting. Simply saving time and so money and your health.