Be the Coach of your life

Don't let others to decide about your career

Life restart here, now

Do you know that feeling when there is nothing sure in your life? Your career is stagnating and you feel that you deserve more? Are you ready to come out of comfort zone? Do you want to be successful and happy?

Do employ services of our career advisory or become the member of our team in Senec and soon in our office in Trnava. Be more than just private consultant and specialist with me. Use your rich experience not to have it written in your CV only, but build on them as a strong base for your bright future.

" Successful people have strong fantasy which enables them to see today themselves the people they want to be tomorrow"

Career Advisory Differently

Be the leader of your Career

Enjoy the feeling when your promotion and salary is just in your hands. The feeling when it is not about how you catch with others in team but your business results are the most important and key to success. Be the one who is perceived as a subject leader. 

Build the brand of yourself

Share your experience, your successes, your failures. Let's focus on right self development and self marketing. Do communicate openly with your audience because you are still the man.

Ongoing personal growth

Let's learn from each other, learn from all the possible sources, don't get stagnated. Everybody can have a diploma but can have a zero value. Your precious experience and knowledge are the most valuable asset of you.

Become the member of my team

We have office in Senec and prepare opening of new office in Trnava


Looking for you

Property and Financial specialists

who will take care of own and allocated business opportunities (05/2021)

Communication specialist

who will take care of content and communication on our web portals and social media pages (07/2021)

Office assistant

who will organise our office, administration and support for the team (07/2021)

In second half of the year 2021 we will be looking for:

  • lector for career advisory (University diploma and 5 years of experience in human resources and/or advisory)
  • photo/video producer (contracted)

What we require

We are hiring ambitious persons who are willing to realize themselves on financial and real estate market and expect background of strong and experienced company and motivational team of associates and leaders. 

We welcome managers of their career who wants to work with me as private consultants ideally in Bratislava and Trnava region.

Job in our team of Broker Consulting, a.s. offers strong basis of developed tools for offline and online communication. We focus on quality more then quantity and our personal image is the representation of our personalities and experience.

Basic conditions:
  • University degree
  • English language Basic
  • Basic knowledge of real estate and finance
  • Technical skills
  • Own car, mobile, notebook, ipad is neccesary
  • Being from Bratislava / Trnava region is OK

Learn every day

In this job in my team you will
become the specialist in area of real estate and finance, learn many things about communication with clients, associates and online audience, learn how to promote yourselves and how to effectively sell.

Moreover, you will learn:
  • how to create content on social media
  • effectively shoot photo and video
  • using intelligent tools for financial and real estate business
  • to work with data and people
  • many more things from me and from each other

This job is suitable for fresh university absolvents as well as for experienced managers. It is possible to work as part time or full time, whilst still active in your previous job. It is necessary to set up a business licence (assistant can work  on a contractual base or external financing). You do not need any investment or own capital except of basic technical accessories.

In case of the position of assistant for office in Trnava there is also career system of Broker Consulting, a.s. applied for that person. Future positions will be shared on our websites and social media.

Ing. Ján Staškovič, STGroup&Co., s.r.o., statutatory representative